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The sensual architecture is nourischment

(Foto) In the body of the model you see an architectural detail of the Lingotto factory which takes up very well the breast line and looks like a drop.

I will lead you to discover the sensuality of the architectural heritage of cities and how it can affect our state of psychophysical well-being.

Reflections, which I hope will arouse curiosity in observing, with“new eyes”, the habitat that every day accompanies us.

Understand how our instinctive part deeply influences the decisions we often attribute only to the head and how the language of forms communicates with our world “sensorial”

Are you ready to hone your senses? I will ask you to learn to“feel” the space around you.

“Inside is the outside” is one of the three themes thought in the AngieEn's project, for the city of Turin.

The power of forms in function to how what is out transforms the inside, and how the inside brings then changes in“out”: an almost symbiotic exchange.

The interior of a house/building is strongly influenced by the external context that hosts them, as a result, ours is well.

When looking for a house, you start from outside: the area, the neighborhood, the city.

Choices that always seem to be dictated by practical priorities and that many times, on the contrary, concern the instinctive part: we can speak of feelings, of attachments, we become attached to certain places: it is the roots, the den that reassures us.

Planning has always been characterized by strategic guidelines, designed to have“control over the territory and its inhabitants, by a more or less central power. And the role of architecture has been fundamental in all of this.

The first primordial archetypal form is that of the breast or also called“drop” It’s a symbol of female nutrition

It is one of the most powerful forms. It brings life, growth. “It is the drop of milk that drips from the nipple, the drop of sap that flows along the branch”. All representations of living and creative nature.

In the second part of the article: “ The pope hat”, it will be interesting to see how this form is reproposed and revisited in a historic building of the city.

arch. Rossella Dellavalle

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