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I will resume the sensual tour of Turin and we will talk about

The term "forbidden" refers here to all those architectures that before being representative of a social and functional role, inspire and unleash our imagination.

These urban buildings, they come into contact, so with even that part of us private, which is usually kept separate from rational.

A physical, emotional and intellectual space that belongs only to the senses and that requires tolerance and respect.

The IREN factory couldn’t go unnoticed in my study

"Passion is not blind, it is visionary" Stendhal

It’s an "unscrupulous, eccentric, visionary" architecture.

The IREN factory is in Turin, is certainly a forbidden architecture. It with its fluid forms is trasgressive and the material shiny” it takes us out of rational patterns, to which we are all too accustomed, and evokes us the dream.

His presence exhorts our imaginative part, that of the game, the one that manages to speak in the same language that eros uses.

The "phallic" symbol is evident and as an archetypal form is very good omen. It’s the main form of the male biological matrix: linear like the pathway that the sperm goes to the female egg.

Unlike the circle, the beginning and the end do not come together.

This form is the most representative of rational architecture, associated with masculine. It is linear and symbolizes the routes drawn by man, to reach the goal, to achieve a goal. There is a continuous, determined, absolute and volitive process.

The woman is the defensive shield

The lower part of the building, characterized by a curved panelling, represents in fact the archetypal female shape of the "half moon". The sun is masculine, the moon, however, in whatever phase it may be, is always a manifestation of the circularity of women, of the rhythms given by the biological matrix.

It is therefore a protective form, designed for the base of the building, making it solid and defended. This symbol also calls for the protection of economic growth.

This panelling was made with a luminescent and wavy metallic surface, another archetypal female form: the "wave" of the powerful water, which comes everywhere and nothing can stop it.

This building is rich in creative energy because it is generated by forms that are archetypes of masculine and feminine, the result of a project that has been able to represent them both, in harmony with each other.

And in addition, the reflective structural material, strengthens this water simulation and consequently, generates disruptive energy. In fact, although it is not a visiting architecture “ as a tourist attraction”, it has catalyzed attention on itself, strongly conditioning the whole urban context that hosts it.

"Sparkling like the armor of a commander" in the evening and by day, this architecture, illuminates and reflects all the space around, like the effect of the "mirror of water", or seen the size, like a waterfall.”

arch. Rossella DellaValle

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