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"Men are all prisoners, active of an imprisoned activity.

The best ones don’t want to make race, although they don’t know why.

The big cage of our prison kills the sex of men, by deforming the natural desire. So, bitterly depraved and baring the teeth against the big adversities, young people mate even if they don’t want to.

Sexuality is a state of grace. It can’t take place in a cage.

So break the cage and start to test yourself".

D.H. Lawrence

The symbols of sexuality have always been used to talk about prosperity, good luck and power. To be represented by an image, a form or a symbol is part of our story. Language of the forms is used every day to influence our lives, emotions and thoughts…

Through my eyes I’ll guide you in this wonderful journey looking for forms, with my personal interpretation of archetypes that represent us.

As in a game…at the pursuit of a correspondence between the line of the body and the architecture one….or to the evocation of the body.

“If senses dresses the body, the derangement challenges the thoughts: the impulse starts and the carnality of the wall becomes a protagonist.”

Some images are a contrast, I put a curve line against a straight one to “break the pattern” and make a change (as the contrast between the geometry of the female body and the male one).

My research wants to underline that the “language of senses” can be the common language between the two energies of the female and the male and, if understood, it can also be the possible way of linking for this two energies that always find hard to communicate in the plane of rationality.

In nature everything is classified as male or female, because this two energies are both allied and in contrast: together they create everything.

It’s important to underline their different role to give value and respect this diversity.

Link me to you” said EROS to LOVE… “I can't” answered LOVE: ”you'll always be free in order to survive" Angie En

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