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Angie En: the BODY and the ARCHITECTURE

Beauty taught to people could be a good weapon against fear and resignation. People gets used to the existence of awful buildings,

suddenly raised due to speculative operations.

We put curtains at the windows,

plants on the windowsill and soon we forgot how those places used to be and everything seems to be right.

It’s for that reason that people must be educated to beauty:

so that men and women are not influenced by habits and resignation but try to live with curiosity and wonder.

(Peppino Impastato)

Each form attracts energy.

It’s not so easy to understand the messages of the context in which we live. We used to adapt and to be subjected to some contexts, that’s why a lot of times we’re not trained to feel how they can influence our sensory system.

I think that understanding better the language of the forms can be useful, because it’s the one that communicate with our fundamental instinctive part: the animal one that, even if it’s “domesticated”, it’s always alive.

Angie En comes alive to talk about sensual architecture … and not only.

A faint wind that wants to make people look with new eyes the “game” of the forms, at the pursuit of a correspondence between the line of the body and the architecture one

Lines of the body attract people, especially the ones of the female body because it represents the curve line that is the one that in nature reminds us the archetypes of creation and harmony.

Architecture, as every art, it’s a protagonist in describing, in a very appropriate way, this message that doesn’t belong to the world of words.

“It’s nor the right angle that attracts me, neither the straight line … hard … inflexible … created by men. The curve fascinates me: free and sensual.” (Niemeyer)

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