• Rossella Della Valle

ANGIE EN is sensual architecture

The form attracts energy

“With Angie En, architecture gets dressed with a new sensual refinement and the carnality of the walls comes alive”

Sensual Architecture moves sinuous forms where the substance is still and anchored with solid roots to cultural traditions. Why Sensual Architecture?

  • To talk about architecture that stimulates the senses and interacts with our most sensitive part. It uses the language of the body as Poetry of Being

  • To give a new point of view of our cities, to make them “sensual” and suitable for our impulsive part…to give them new values

Each form is attractive to us because it generates energy. The language of forms influences continuously our lives, emotions and thoughts. …”guide lines” that for better or for worse follow us constantly and influence our subconscious with subliminal messages.

Why can we talk about sensuality through architecture?

  • Because architecture is the art that influences our lives, starting from the very first human needs: refuge and aggregation So it’s a powerful influence that interacts with the most instinctive part of our being.

  • Through this photographic path, I tried to group in three themes what we can think about architecture that stimulates the senses

I chose some architectures of Turin that I consider significant for this project and I placed them side by side with the female body, because the language of forms is the same of our bodies, the most instinctive and deep one, the one that causes some changes

Through my eyes I’ll guide you in this wonderful journey looking for forms, with my personal interpretation of archetypes that represent us.

The three themes for Turin are:

  1. The body and the architecture "The real journey of discovery consists not so much in seeking new territory, but in having new eyes" (Marcel Proust)

  2. The architecture and the Eros It’s part of our history the representation of men with images, forms or symbols. “The world is ruled by signs and symbols and not by laws and sentences” (Confucio)

  3. The inside and the outside What is inside us is brought by the contest in which we live. “Seduction rises from harmony between the inside and the outside” (Anna Galiena)

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