• Rossella Della Valle


“I’ve been alone for a long time: even if I’ve never lived alone.

I can’t say who I am … I haven’t got an idea.

I’m someone who has neither origins, nor history, nor town … and I care about this!

I’m a lonely woman … powerfully alone …

I’m free, I can imagine everything ... just rising my eyes

I can become the world. Loneliness means: finally I’m everything

(Rainer Maria Rilke)

The only love that really counts is the self-respect, all the other loves are a consequence.

Society tends to uniform us…it teaches us to speak with “spot” sentences and this make difficult to internalize some contents … we become disconnected from our deepest internal part.

Everything seems to be so “commercialized”, “exploitable”: I want, I take, I use.

The depth of being has some difficulties to come out. Yet, the outside rises from the inside…everything is so linked…

“Our body is the reflection of the contest in which we live”.

My space…my life…I belong only to myself. We used to say “the body as soul temple”, today I write “the body as soul architecture”.

Architects could help to make the difference: start from the outside to reach the inside, to come back to an architecture that can stimulate the senses, our instinctive and self-guard part:

“When the fire is alive in the ground, it can burn even in the snow”.

Getting involved in the senses is risky, maybe is not the wisest choice, but for sure is the most alive!

“There are abysses in the soul that many people are afraid to know. They’re our instinctive life…the necessary travel to reborn”


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